prepare and submit a paper on obstacles and vegetation on flood flows.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on obstacles and vegetation on flood flows. The measurement of the force will be undertaken at different velocities and depths of water as well as at a constant rate of the flow (the strain gauge will be at a fixed point. otherwise the measurements are not reliable). Basing on the results, it was observed that the fixed cylinder’s drag force coefficient was seen to decrease with an increase in the flow’s Reynolds number. In the case of laminar flow, it was observed that the drag coefficient increased to a big extent. For the case of when the other cylinder was not fixed when positioned side by side, it was observed that the distance between it and the fixed cylinder had an effect on the flow, that is, when the distance between the two was decreased, the effect on the flow was similar to as if it was one cylinder. When the cylinder was placed directly in front of the fixed cylinder, it was observed that the drag coefficient increased with a decrease in the flow’s Reynolds number.

The research topic is based on the obstacles and vegetation in flood flow. In this case, the flow of water on the fixed cylinder with the other cylinder placed at different positions around this fixed one was studied. By so doing this, the aim was to try and understand the effects that surround this fixed cylinder either in the presence or absence of the other cylinder placed around it at varying positions. This experiment set simulates the real-life incidence related to the obstacles and vegetation in flood flows. There are several obstacles and vegetation in blood flow observed in most parts of the world. The detail on the way either the obstacle or flow is affected is considered to be very critical regardless of where the obstacle is located.

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prepare and submit a paper on obstacles and vegetation on flood flows.
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Floods are known to cost lives including homes and cities. Therefore, this justifies the need for studying flood flow where the effects related to blood flow or the vegetation and obstacles are determined. This might contribute to the reduction of the impacts caused by these natural disasters which are considered to be so challenging in terms of management, more so by the developing countries. Another merit of understanding the relationship between the flood flow and the obstacles is that it enables the construction of barriers to enable early preparation of the floods that have been predicted. In relation to this, research of this kind can contribute to the determination of the most prone areas that need quick attention since the flow does affect foundations for structural piles. This can largely be applied to areas that are considered to be more venerable to storms with a limited capacity for managing natural disasters. It is important to study and understand the effects related to obstacles and flood flow at a basic level before considering the more complex factors that include complex liquids and shapes. This is because it is challenging in studying these effects when these complex factors are considered. In this regard, the major focus of the project is on the effects of the cylinder on the open channel flow, whereby this is a simulation of a real-life situation and the cylinder is related to structural piles or trees.

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