prepare and submit a paper on management of a learner who is not achieving the required level of competence.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on management of a learner who is not achieving the required level of competence. The confirmation by the mentor or practice teacher that the student is capable of safe and effective practice will be considered by the assessment board, along with other criteria and assessed outcomes, in order to determine if the student has successfully accomplished or completed all the requirements for the program (NMC, 2008). In this light, this paper explores a scenario wherein a learner was not achieving a required level of competence to practice in an intensive care unit environment, thereby prompting considerable attention since the student is in a special unit that requires dexterity in providing safe and effective care for patients (NMC, 2008). Moreover, the succeeding sections of this paper shall provide critical analyses of the given scenario, ethical and professional issues on failing students, substantial arguments, the role of mentor in nursing students and the grading criteria based on disabilities and established standards. Thus, this paper aims to describe the ways through which effective management shall be applied to the scenario and to provide recommendations and solutions based on reputable concepts from scholarly literature and journals.

Upon mentoring a second-year student in his final term, the mentor completed an initial interview wherein he identified some areas for development in the aspects of communication and documentation from the student’s previous placement in the intensive care unit. At this meeting, James, the student, informed him that he was diagnosed with dyslexia. When working with James, the mentor noticed that he appeared to have lost his confidence, with seemingly poor concentration level, and an inability to remember more than 2 verbal instructions at once. The mentor also observed that James’s written documentation was poor with illegible handwriting and spelling mistakes. In addition, James reported&nbsp.that one of the mentor’s colleagues has told him that he cannot be a registered practitioner if he has dyslexia.

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prepare and submit a paper on management of a learner who is not achieving the required level of competence.
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