prepare and submit a paper on field_trip_to_l_auberge_casino_resort lake charles, louisiana.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on field_trip_to_l_auberge_casino_resort lake charles, louisiana. 07 December Field Trip Report We visited the Lauberge Casino Resort, Lake Charles, Louisiana on 3rd December 2012. The purpose of the trip was to explore the place and have a comprehensive insight into its systems, the way they are managed, its services, specialties, and offers. Since we are having a course of casino and gambling management, no place could be better than the Lauberge Casino Resort for the trip.

When we reached there, the Vice President of the resort, Mr. Kirk Houser led us to a VIP room and the conventional hall. Mr. Kirk told us that the resort has several conventions and events. Mr. Kirk also showed us the hotel’s villia sweet room and explained us how the rooms are managed. There are more than 1000 rooms in the hotel and the sweet rooms cost anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. The tables in the casino had all kinds of games to entertain the guests.

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prepare and submit a paper on field_trip_to_l_auberge_casino_resort lake charles, louisiana.
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I found the resort quite well-equipped and I expected it to be so since this was what we were told in the class. There was every amenity a guest could ask for. Especially, the spa was magnificent. Although the spa was available at a very reasonable rate, yet unfortunately I had too less time to book a massage. I was upon a school trip, so all I could have was little fun around the place. The casino was splendid. I found a variety of cuisines at the restaurants. I would particularly like to recommend the appetizer sampler at the Jack Daniels restaurant to anyone planning to go there. Since the weather was very cold, so I could not have a swim into the pool, but that is due for next time for sure.

One of the aspects of the field trip that I disliked was that in place of a rake, the poker players in the casino were charged $7 for 30 minutes of game at the table. I was surprised because in the class, we were told that the casino offers a variety of games at reasonable prices, but I found many of them unreasonably high. This price was unbelievably higher than most of the best casinos around that I have experienced playing in before. I also noticed that although the rooms were well-furnished and aesthetically decorated, yet the rooms were not kept up nicely. I noticed stains on some pieces of the furniture as well as some portions of the carpet particularly those that were behind the doors. Probably the house-cleaners clean the main areas but leave the corners. Some shaddy looking characters I saw inside the casino caught my attention. However, the workout facility was excellent.

This field trip experience was as informative and educative as it was interesting and enjoyable. The staff both at the resort and the restaurant was very welcoming, respectful, and friendly. The personal service I received was much better than what I could ever expect from such not-so-big resorts. I would like to have a stay at that place again. It was one of the places where I had the time of my life. I would definitely recommend all future classes to have a field trip to the Lauberge Casino Resort.

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