prepare and submit a paper on describing the history of early islam.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on describing the history of early islam. As years, passed, however, the hajj or pilgrimage to the Kaaba took more the character of a fair, and drifted from monotheism to the worship of different idols. Muhammad’s spirituality was so affected that at the age of forty, he retreated to a small cave in the mountains near Mecca in order to pray and meditate on the meaning of life (Tamara Sonn, “A Brief History of Islam”, 2004).

It was during such a retreat that the angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammed. The angel declared him a messenger of God, an incident which promptly scared him home to his wife. As Gabriel began appearing more frequently to him, he lost his fear and began sharing to others the messages that the angel had given him. By 613 CE, Muhammed was commanded to spread the word of God. From then, Muhammed proclaimed the Oneness of God and denounced the pagan deities the majority of Meccans revered (Frances O’Connor, “History of Islam”, 2009). The religion he preached he called “Islam” (meaning “submission to God”). With this, Muhammed raised the first Islamic community in Medina, teaching them the theology of peace and obedience to Allah, a legacy that has spread to other continents over the next 1,400 years.

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prepare and submit a paper on describing the history of early islam.
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Other-worldly echoes greet the opening of the video, and against the backdrop of its mesmerizing intonations, beautiful and haunting images of the Hagia Sophia, its external structure and internal embellishments, fade in and out in a captivating montage. The wordless presentation grabs the senses and engages one’s interest to discover more. The church’s history is as intriguing as the edifice’s religious icons, its amazing spirals, and impressive domes.

Hagia Sophia, otherwise known as the “Great Church” or “Magna Ecclesia”, was built at the site of a former pagan temple. It was inaugurated on the 15th of February, 360 CE, by Constantius II, upon the orders of Constantine the Great.&nbsp.This first church, however, was burned down in the year 404 during a riot, and the second church was rebuilt the year after by Theodosius II. This, too, was destroyed by riots, after which Justinian the Great commissioned the building of the third church (Peter N. Bell, “Three Political Voices from the Age of Justinian”, 2009).

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