Prepare a post-closing trial balance

please help me with 6.3 and 6.4 i dont understand how to do them. thank youPrepare a postclosing trial balance .\9. Prepare financial statements .Postclosing trial balance .From the following list , identify the accounts that will appear on the postclosing trial balance .AACCOUNTSExercise 6.3Objective 6 – 2\1 . Cash12 . Accounts Receivable13 . Supplies14 . Equipment15 . Accumulated Depreciation\6 . Accounts Payable17 . Brianna Celina , Capital8 . Brianna Celina , Drawing19 . Fees Income10 . Depreciation Expense11 . Salaries Expense12 . Supplies Expense13 . Utilities ExpenseFinancial statements .Exercise 6 . 4Managers often consult financial statements for specific types of information . Indicate whether eachObjective 6 – 3of the following items would appear on the income statement , the statement of owner’s equity , or thebalance sheet . Use I for the income statement , E for the statement of owner’s equity , and B for thebalance sheet . If an item appears on more than one statement , use all letters that apply to that item .|1 . Revenue earned during the period\2 . Total assets of the business13 . Net income for the period|4 . Owner’s capital at the end of the period15 . Supplies on hand\6 . Cost of supplies used during the period7 . Accounts receivable of the business8 . Accumulated depreciation on the firm’s equipment

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Prepare a post-closing trial balance
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