Practicum Discussion

There has been scientific evidence from long ago in history that psychiatric disorders tend to

run in families leaving some individuals predisposed to these illnesses. Specifically, Autism,

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Practicum Discussion
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Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Defic it Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),

and Schizophrenic Disorder. These disorders have long been linked with shared genetic risk

factors. Scientist have also discovered illness -linked variation for each of these disorders in

certain regions of chromosomes 3 a nd 10. This information can assist in better understanding the

factors that cause these major mental issues (Harrison & Bryant, 2013).

Mental illness is associated with low education, higher unemployment, and poorer health, as

I have stated throu ghout my practicum. The shift in care for the mentally ill in recent years has

gone from institutionalization in acute care settings to a more community -based setting.

Therefore, primary intervention needs to focus on mental health care and service deliv ery in a

nonacute care setting. This poses a challenge because of the inadequate number of mental health

providers (Harrison & Bryant, 2013).

Primary interventions that focus on decreasing social determinants like unsafe neighborhoods,

racism, uns afe housing, and violence can attribute vastly to the reduction of dire consequences of

mental health in the communities. The increased risk of mental illness is associated with

poverty, poor education, and unemployment. Studies have shown that these det erminants are

associated with higher incidences of psychological distress among poorer communities (Harrison

& Bryant, 2013). Primary care providers can promote well -being of impoverished families by

providing quality health care and resources that will i mprove the social and economic conditions

of their living environments. Primary intervention should also be concentrated on reducing

exposure to stress and violence. Interventions that address and reduce oppressive societal

structures, changes attitudes t hat contribute to oppression and enhance individual, family, and

community strengths that empower persons to resist oppression and demonstrate meaningful

ways for advancing social justice. (Harrison & Bryant, 2013).

Primary prevention that is commun ity -based has considerable promise when they address

multiple risk factors and focus on the families and environment.

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