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IEE 3160: Rubric for Formal Survey Analysis Report (Due 21 April)

Based on the Work Planned delegations listed on your progress reports, I might grade one or all teammates’ work separately. Regardless, your team should have an editor who tries to smooth things out as well as time allows.

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  • Proper headings for each section
  • Double spacing throughout – no extra spacing between paragraphs or headings!
  • Size 12 font, Times New Roman
  • Does not mix typeface styles
  • Pages numbered in upper right-hand corner
  • Properly formatted supplement (questionnaire and any other appendix you might need)


  • Title page
  • Table of contents (titles match section headings in text)
  • Table of figures (titles match titles of visuals in text)
  • Executive summary (with all proper parts, as noted on sample paper in your wmich e-mail inbox)
  • Introduction with four appropriate sections (as shown on sample paper)
  • Body with demographics analysis
  • Body sections that provide 1) raw data, 2) visuals that show/compare data 3) analysis, comparisons, insight and interpretation [if needed] of the data
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Questionnaire included as Appendix A
  • At least 14 pages long for groups of 4 (Try to keep it below twenty pp. total. The total for writing goes from Executive Summary through Recommendations and can include up to three visuals per section, as long as the visual or table is about ¼ page large: about the same size as the tables in the sample.) Tables count as visuals, but use an array of visual types. You may use side-by side visuals.
  • All group members must complete at least 3.5 pages. (Your 3.5 pages could include up to a page of visuals.) If the same person writes the Introduction and Executive Summary, that should add up to 2.5 pages and will suffice for the length requirement.

Style (There is a “cap.” of -2 for the following errors.)

  • Effective word choice (diction)
  • Effective sentence structure
  • Variation in sentence lengths
  • Proper use of transitions
  • Technical terms defined

Grammar and Mechanics (There is a “cap.” of -2 for the following errors.)

  • Punctuation and typos -.5
  • Grammar and spelling errors -1
  • Fragments and run-ons -1


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