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Netflix, Inc.

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Cash Flow Statement Summary

Using the Netflix Consolidated Cash Flow Statement prepare the following schedules.

Cash flow from Operating Activities

  1. Complete the following table:
For fiscal years ending
Net income
Net cash provided by (used by) operating activities

Cash Flows from Investing Activities

  1. Prepare a table showing the amount of cash used make capital investments, acquire businesses and other noncurrent capital assets and generate cash from sale or disposition of capital assets and business assets

Your table should look like the following:

For fiscal years ending
Purchases of property and equipment
Change in other assets
Net cash used in investing activities

Cash Flows from Financing Activities

  1. From the financing activities section, prepare a table showing how the company generated and used cash in its financing activities, such as by borrowing funds and repaying borrowings, issuing equity and repurchasing equity, and paying dividends.

Your table should look like the following:

For fiscal years ending
Proceeds from issuance of debt
Debt issuance costs
Additions to long-term debt
Proceeds from the issuance of common stock
Reductions of long-term debt
Other financing activities
Net cash provided by financing activities


  1. Include your schedules above in your PowerPoint presentation. (You can “cut-and-paste” each schedule from this Word file to your PowerPoint presentation)
  2. Analyze the results for each schedule as follows:
    1. Discuss the 3-year trend for each major item listed, except items listed as “Other…” or insignificant amounts.
    2. Answer the following questions:

Based on the amounts shown above, give your opinion about the company’ ability to generate cash sufficient to:

    1. Operating activities section:

Conduct operations (i.e., whether the company’s ability to generate cash from operating activities improved, deteriorated, or remained relatively constant over the 3-years analyzed);

    1. Investment activities section:

Increase their investment in productive assets (i.e., whether the company made productive business investments and capital expenditures over the 3-year period analyzed);

Financing activities section:

    1. Paid their debt obligations, and
    2. Provided a reasonable cash return to their shareholders, (i.e. whether the company made reasonable dividend payments and/or repurchases of common stock, sometimes called “treasury stock purchases”, while maintaining or increasing their capital investments and business acquisitions).


  • Please answer each item individually.
  • Also, please refer to the specific section of the cash flow statement that you’re referencing in your comments.
  • Lastly, in your comments use the amount of change &/or the %change over the 3-year period in support of your observations.

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