Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a 8-10 page research paper on PTSD and should include the following content:1. Describe the disorder including a brief historical perspective about origins of clinical understanding or manifestations of the disorder. Criteria for diagnosis.2. What are the features or prevalent impairments associated with the disorder? What are the qualifiers?3. What are the current understandings of how the disorder develops?4.. Statistics: What is our clinical understanding of the percentage of the population affected by this disorder? What are the Familial, Neurobiology, Gender, Age, Race, SES and cultural understanding/considerations to take into account working with an individual presenting with this disorder in a clinician setting.5. What are the incidence and prevalence rates of this disorder according to the DSM 5? Has our understanding of this disorder shifted or changed with research information gathered for the DSM 5? 6. Are there Comorbid disorders or features associated with this disorder?7. What are the potential risk factors? This would include suicide or harm to others, violence or addictions, a counselor should assess for, when treating and individual with this disorder?8. What is the current evidence based treatment understanding shown to be effective addressing the symptoms of the disorder.


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