Position Paper #3 – Current Event

Choose a current business article (less than two years old) about a topic on one (or more) of the topics in the Finance portion of the textbook (Zutter & Smart, 2019. Principles of Managerial Finance, 8th Edition, Pearson). The Wall Street Journal would be an ideal sources, but other reliable sources are acceptable. Follow APA formatting for all referenced material including the use of parenthetical references and a references page.Suggested topics:• Cost of Capital• Cost of Debt• Cost of Equity• Capital BudgetingPrepare a 450-500-word paper using the following format (including the Roman numerals):I. Chapters(s) to which the article relatesII. Title, date and author of the article and periodical sourceIII. Summary/Facts of article in good paragraph formIV. Explain how at least three different chapter concepts/terms relate. (Define the terms citing the textbook page and how they relate to the article.)V. Summary/Recommendation from paper.

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Position Paper #3 – Current Event
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