Please reply to the comment below using at least 150 words, citation and reference.

I feel that groups and teams share and contrast similar qualities. Teams tend to be organized for a sole purpose or an objective in mind. Whereas groups are combined individuals. The characteristic of a team usually depicts a hierarchy such as a leader with delegation involved. Groups seem to be left more to chance and typically represent an early team that has not been confirmed and solidified. Some could argue that the only difference between a group or a team would be size-based. It fascinates me how a group or team forms up and develops into a working machine. Assuming that a team has an appointed leader to condition the other team members into assigning roles and review the goals and objectives. A group assuming that there is a purpose for formation can usually combine with a series of introductions and getting to know each other. Once that is established then the group members usually assign themselves based off of their personalities. The more driven ones will delegate tasks, the more reserved ones will take on projects to name a few examples.

In my current employment working for a County’s Emergency Management in response to COVID-19. Many challenges arise in the Logistics Department with figuring in several demands. There are specific steps taken to ‘turn the wheels’ on creating a solution especially with limited time for ‘unsticking’. With a whiteboard nearby our office, it is easy to draw out the situation to which others in the group will gather and start to contribute their own ideas. This tells me that most are visual learners and are generally more motivated with clearer information hence the whiteboard mapping out the solution and game plan.

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Please reply to the comment below using at least 150 words, citation and reference.
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Griffin, R.W., Phillips, J.M., & Gully, S.M. (2020). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.


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