Please read the questions and instructions carefully before answering.

Hi, I want you to answer these 6 questions from the articles attached with this document. You just need to answers them separately but the answer should be at least more than 250. Please be as specific as possible.

Please rely on the case information for the answers.  You do NOT have to (although you certainly can) search for additional information beyond the case for the discussion. Make clear if you use information after the time of the case or draw on your personal observations. 

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Please read the questions and instructions carefully before answering.
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Note: I just want the answers separately.

Q1 – Industry/country attractiveness: How attractive is the luxury retail market in Canada? What kind of metrics can you use to evaluate the industry attractiveness and potential challenges in the market?

Q2 – Key success factors: What kind of factors should companies be aware of in order to compete strongly in the Canadian luxury retail market? How well the current main competitors are doing in this regard?

Q3 – Motivations: Applying frameworks from the textbook such as IBV and RBV, what do you think might have motivated Nordstrom to expand internationally (Canada or other locations)? Would you agree with Nordstrom in following these motivations, or some of them? 

Q4 – Looking now and then: It has been five years since the time of the case – 2016. Do you think Nordstrom’s Canadian expansion so far is successful? Anything you think they could have done differently (better)? 

Q5 – Foreign expansion: Can Nordstrom be as successful in Canada as it is in the United States? Any advices you have for Nordstrom to further expand internationally beyond Canada? Any specific locations, approaches (e.g., conservative/aggressive), strategies (entry, alliances, etc.), and special considerations?

Q6 – Expansion evaluation and e-commerce: How would you evaluate the costs and benefits of international expansion in general? Use Nordstrom as an example if you want. What do you think of the role of e-commerce in international expansion? Does it fit well with luxury retailing? 


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