Please provide leadership competencies

BGMT 365 – Group Deliverable #2 – Succession Planning Table – Part One

Directions: For each of the five open positions at Life Science Nutraceuticals, Inc. (LSN)., identify the leadership competencies most needed for a successful leader in that position. Under “source” identify the source (from course materials) that you will use for support of this competency. Sources may be from Weeks One, Two and Three. One example is provided for you.

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Please provide leadership competencies
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PositionLeadership CompetenciesSource
Sales Director, Middle East (Saudi Arabia) – candidates chosen for this position need to be high CQ (culturally intelligent), fairly conservative, not highly risk tolerant, willing to build relationships and is trustworthy) (key points to the skills needed are highlighted)Global/Cultural IntelligenceCanwell, Stockton, Dongrie, & Neveras, 2014, p. 12
Director of Research and Development – candidates chosen for this position need to be highly risk tolerantembraces changecelebrates mistakesencourages innovation, and believes in the creativity of the team over the individual (key points to the skills needed are highlighted)
VP of Headquarter Operations – candidates chosen for this position need to be moderately risk tolerant, high in CQ(cultural intelligence), whose strength is in leading multiple generationsleading diverse teams, being inclusive, and great at communicating a shared vision to various audiences (key points to the skills needed are highlighted)
Executive Director, North American Division – candidates chosen for this position need to be comfortable with situational and transformational leadership styles, who is skilled at cultivating teams, who believes that leadership exists at all levels, is a strategic thinker, and is comfortable leading change (key points to the skills needed are highlighted)
Director of Finance – candidates chosen for this position need to be highly conservative and more risk averse than risk tolerant, who can easily articulate the vision, mission, and strategy, and has courage to speak up when he/she feels the mission and vision are in danger of being ignored. (key points to the skills needed are highlighted)

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