Please prepare a concept note which responds to the following prompts.

Create an educational intervention concept that tends to take care of educational needs of poor people and the marginalized in a rural community in Benue State Nigeria.

Part 1: Concept Note

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Please prepare a concept note which responds to the following prompts.
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Please prepare a concept note which responds to the following prompts. Concept notes

are limited to two pages. We do not read anything submitted that is longer than two pages.

How does your new organization or venture idea improve distribution of your

selected intervention? We recommend writing:

2-3 sentences summarizing the main activities of your new organization. For example, you

could walk us through step-by-step how you connect a proven intervention to people in


Bullet points to further explain:

● What are the main barriers that currently prevent people from accessing your proven

intervention, specific to your pilot region? For example, one common barrier to

accessing a product might be a high upfront cost.

● How does your distribution model specifically overcome these barriers?

● What is the most fundamental part of your new organization that you need to prove will

work during this pilot program? (We think the purpose of a pilot is to test the

fundamentals of your business / the basis of your value proposition on a small scale,

and we want to know which part of your model you will focus on).

Note: Our team is already familiar with D-Prize challenge topics at a macro level, so there

is no need to provide a broad explanation of why this is an important problem to solve. For

instance, including large statistics, such as the potential global market size, are not


What is the expected impact of your work? We recommend writing:

1-2 sentences summarizing your marginal impact (ie, the impact you will make compared

to the status quo) at a high level, and at an individual or household level. For example,

your work might reduce the rates of HIV infections by X% countrywide; and for an

individual, could save 7 DALYs (disability adjusted life years, which is a way to measure the

cost effectiveness of a poverty intervention).


Outcome table: Over the next 3 months, 1 year, and 2 years, how many proven

interventions do you plan to distribute? And how many people will you directly help? We

recommend sharing this as a simple table.

2-3 sentences summarizing a rough draft of how much money you need for your pilot

program, and what the 3-5 major expenses are expected to be?

1 sentence summarizing your long-term vision for the new organization you will launch.

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