Please if you can reword the paragraphs listed below:

I found the following Course Learning Objective most interesting: Construct an outline for presenting dissertation findings and recommendations using the appropriate formats.  It is like A Step-by-Step Guide for how to prepare DBA dissertations.  I have a much clearer outline and idea. I promise I will start writing soon enough and I feel I’m ready to start.

The takeaway from the course is the research process involves identifying, locating, assessing, and analyzing the information I need to support my research question, and then developing and expressing my ideas and written research report. 

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Please if you can reword the paragraphs listed below:
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My “ah” moment is knowing that I will have to deal with constructive feedback from the committee and it’s all part of the dissertation and to not take it personal. This totally make sense, how can your committee comments you if everything still in a mess? 

I’ll apply the knowledge that I’m researching to my current position and any future positions if I decide to go work in a different field.

What I’m learning will definitely help me to advance in my career. I have become more of a critical thinker. 


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