Please help with this assignment. The highlights are listed below.


Analyze Uber’s financial success and present your findings to senior management. In your findings, you will identify financial key performance indicators, industry financial benchmarks, and accounting guidelines related to Uber. Review the information related to Uber provided.

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Please help with this assignment. The highlights are listed below.
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  1. Review the following additional information related to Uber.
    • Investor information for Uber balanced scorecard/financial: In the annual report, review Uber’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.
    • Uber: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environment, social, governance (ESG) metrics
  2. Create a presentation for your CEO and senior management, discussing the following key criteria:
    1. Identify the financial key performance indicators of Uber’s success.
    2. Analyze how different functional areas, departments, or both of Uber contribute to its overall financial success.
      • What common industry financial benchmarks should Uber consider in developing its strategies to grow the business?
      • Which financial benchmark can Uber adopt to measure its performance and increase its industry attractiveness? Use Porter’s five forces to support your answer.
      • Are there any critical elements of accounting guidelines that will be crucial for Uber to meet? Explain your reasoning.

Guidelines for Submission

Using PowerPoint, create a presentation that is 5 to 7 slides in length, and include references cited in APA format. 

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