Please help with this assignment. Please refer to attachment. Highlights are listed below.


You explored the significance of ethical considerations and their implications for business decisions. Today’s organizations are no longer in the situation of being able to disregard or become oblivious to the prevalence of unethical behaviors and misdemeanors.

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Please help with this assignment. Please refer to attachment. Highlights are listed below.
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It’s now time to unpack the ethical considerations that organizations must not overlook in business operations.

As a consultant, you will often come across situations that require you to identify and address ethical and legal considerations. You might even come across situations wherein you will find an overlap between ethical considerations and legal issues in a business situation.

The legal team at the health and beauty company you work for is currently reviewing all the documents you have looked at so far. Their objective is to highlight potential ethical and legal issues that the company may be opening itself up to.


To complete this assignment:

  1. Review the RealRecruit case study.
    • Critical Thinking Case: Real Recruit
  2. Write a consulting report to share your observations and recommendations based on the RealRecruit case, and address the following criteria:
    1. Identify one ethical consideration adopted by RealRecruit that your organization can also adopt as a best practice. Explain the reason.
    2. In adopting your identified best practice above, what could be an overlap between the ethical consideration and a possible legal issue?

Guidelines for Submission

In a Word document, use double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This consulting report should be 2 pages in length and include references cited in APA format.

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