Please answer all of the following questions 

Muslim and Culture

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Please answer all of the following questions 
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Question 1:

Shahada, also known as the profession of faith, is an Islam pillar that lies in faith professionalism. In this pillar, a belief in the existence of God is held and not God. Moreover, Muhammad is believed to be the messenger of God, which is the center of Islamic.

Prayer, also known as Salat, is another pillar where the Muslims pray while facing Mecca. This activity happens five times in a day: at dawn, noon, midafternoons set, and when the dark comes in. during this time, the Muslim recite sura while on a mat and is done in the mosque or together in any group. On Friday, men gather in the mosque for the noonday prayers with women joining them but aren’t allowed to participate at all.

Zakat is a pillar which, according to Islamic law, members are required to help their communities. During this session, every member is required to donate a certain portion of their income generated to the needy members in the community. In order to secure a charity blessing, the able and wealthy Islam participates to construct and build mosques, schools, fountains, and participate in other ritual events. This is a way to acquire blessings from Allah.

Question 2:

According to Prophet Muhammad, his teaching to the Muslims is a different one, universal to all humanity and groups in every region. He advised all Muslims to stick to Allah, and he is one and God all. Due to this, His worship should not be in vain, and all act only Him who can judge.

Secondly, Prophet Muhammad described the Bible and Quran to be all holy books. This is because in the two scripture through God all are in a position to distinguish between good and evil in the society. Due to this, each and every person will be held accountable for every activity they participate.

Question 3:

Muslims suffered deflection of attitude towards the Christians and Jews since Prophet Mohammed contradicted them. Prophet Mohammed advocated for more Christians and Jewish which most Muslim saw as a threat to them. Moreover, Mohammed also discouraged them from associating with them besides advocating for them.

Muslims, too, suffered changes in the length of the two suran that is Meccan and Medinan. Meccan sura was shorter than Medinan which made their stay there longer.

Lastly, Muslims faced the challenge where the entire community in Mecca worshipped the idol, and they feared becoming obsessed. In Mecca most people were idol worshipper and challenged them to join them.

Question 4:

Surah is a collection of Prophet Mohammed sayings which divide the holy Quran into several chapters. Meccan forms two-thirds of the suras, which constitutes the preaching’s of Prophet Mohammed while living in Mecca. The remaining third is a sura, which comprises of teachings made while the Prophet Muhammad was in Medina. A comparison of the two finds the Meccan sura being short while the Medians are longer than the latter.

While the Meccan suras are reminiscent of the pagan soothsayers that always begin with an oath of celestial objects like the stars, the Medinan suras comprise of a short span of early prophets’ history, laws, and criticism that were all against the Jews and Christian teachings.

While in Medinan sura, several passages which warns Muslims from Christians and Jews are present; it is opposite the Medinan suras. Prophet Mohammed had a strong belief in God though he went on to preach the differences observed between the Jewish and Christianity in relation to their beliefs in Allah. The respect for the Bible was to ensure more Christians and Jews camp in Mecca.

In the Mecca passages, the sura communicates to Prophet Mohammad and his followers, which is different from the Medinan sura, which is addressed to his followers.

Question 5:

Truth. According to Muhammad, who is identified as the messenger of God advocates that God has no relation with lies and only a mistake by a person. “It is disbeliever who do wrong” (The Quran,254).

Just. God is described as just and fair to all who abides in His name. he is described as Mighty since he needs to send revelation to Prophets. (He is the Exalted, the Almighty” (The Quran,310). Every word said to him is described as worth and with reason why he is distinct from errors.

Art of Subtle. God is described as subtle to all his creatures that he created. “He provides for whoever He will, He is powerful, the Almighty” (The Quran,312). Due to this if one is willing to possess anything he just request and he is provided with. He says in the Quran that Muslims shouldn’t believe to those who don’t ordain them for nothing.

Question 6:

Hadith is defined as a compiled report of Prophet Muhammad, which he either did, said or approved. The hadiths consist of isnads which is a chain of transmitters, while the matn is the actual transmission of the actual text. There are several hadiths which are crucial to both Sunni and Shi’i Muslims.

Musannaf is a hadith which comprises of six canonicals. The collections are arranged in books and chapters for easy location based on ethical, theology and legal subjects. They include the Sunan of al-Darimi, Sahih of Ibn Hibban and Sunan of al-Daraqutni among others.

The third hadith is the forty hadith which is considered inauthentic (Lucas,2008). It is in this hadith where Prophet Mohammed describes the resurrection of God among the Jurists and other religions. The Forty Hadith is considered one the most successful hadiths with copies of production from people like Sufi master Ibn ‘Arabi.

The hadith literature which acts as the fifth genre comprises of technical manuals explaining multiple disciplines. This hadith describes the collections made by science scholars. After the invention of texts, transmitters and other modes of transmission the collection was compiled and preserved in the hadiths. Past work includes; Ibn al-Salah and Ibn Kathir among other scholars.

Question 7:

According to Quran and hadith the attributes of Jesus represented the Islamic pillars which formed the core beliefs and Islamic practices. Jesus had the following beliefs which formed the core beliefs and of Islamic practices.

Jesus is the Shahada which is a profession of faith

Jesus is described as the teacher of Prayers (Salat)

Jesus is the Alms (Zakat)

Jesus is described as the leader of Fasting also identified as sawn

Pilgrimage or the hajj.

Question 8:

Hajj is ritual done which the journey is offered to help Muslims repent their sins hence beginning a new start-up with God. It offers the chance to the pilgrims where they seek to strengthen their faith on the hajj. In the hajj ritual women adopt a cover to the head identified as hijab. Hajj-ul-lfrad is one of the types hajj which Abraham was instructed by his wife Hajira to protect themselves from jealousy of Sarah. This ritual links the Muslims and Abraham and how to protect themselves from jealousy towards each other.

Question 9:

The Muslims consider the rock located over the shrine sacred. The initial place was a holy place for the Jews too. Due to this shrine Jerusalem acted as a very crucial place for the Muslims to perform their rituals and other activities. According to Prophet Mohammed the rock ascended from heaven and hence the name, Dome of the Rock. When Caliph Umar walking on a donkey he was greeted by Sophronius and given a tour around the city including Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He was then invited for a prayer session inside the church but denied claiming his acceptance would lead to other muslims converting the area to a muslim mosque. This gave them a chance to chose an area of worship hence the religious freedom.

Question 10:

The house of Wisdom which was created by Abbasid Caliphs Harun al-Rashid and his son al-Ma’mun in Baghdad which was meant to be a place where famous scholars from Muslims, Christians and Jews would meet and work peacefully. This house of wisdom was used to give information and acted as a library of knowledge. The aim was to share information based on philosophy, science and medicine related information.

Question 11:

As a friend I would encourage my friend to learn the basic pillars of Islamic which forms the basis of Muslim culture. These pillars are vital to understanding the entire Muslim culture and maybe associating with them becomes easy.

Faith also identified as Shahada forms a crucial element of the Islamic. I would advice to learn to have faith and build it in order to associate with others. Shahada is a key to every religion.

According to Islam’s they belief in prayers a belief identified as Salat. I would advocate my friend to learn how to pray and show him or her the benefits of prayers. Prayers form a very vital part of the Islamic religion with Allah blessing coming out of prayers.

Sawn is a session where Muslims stay longer without food but participate in prayers. This is meant to bolden their faith with Allah and Prophet Mohammed. During prayers the entire team comes together and bolden each to persist till the end.

Pilgrimage or the hajj. I prefer the elements because it provides them because they teach one on how to live and respect each other. Through hajj every member learns how to live within any place.


Haleem, M. A. (1999). Understanding the Quran. IslamiCity. com, https://www. islamicity. org/4270/war-and-peace-in-the-quran/,(last viewed November 2016).

Lucas, S. C. (2008). Major topics of the hadith. Religion Compass, 2(2), 226-239.

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