PICOT Statement and Question

Based on the previous research, several methods have been implemented to reduce pressure ulcers within healthcare facilities. Therefore, the PICOT question for this paper will be “can pressure ulcers within critical care units be reduced/prevented after repositioning the patients after one or two hours in comparison to using a pressure distribution mattress?

Pressure Redistribution Mattress and Repositioning

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PICOT Statement and Question
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Within healthcare facilities, Pressure ulcers can increase the costs of obtaining healthcare relatively, primarily by increasing the mortality and immobility rates. We have several tactics that can be used to protect patients from acquiring Pressure ulcers. Therefore, we will evaluate the most effective methods for this paper when comparing using pressure mattresses to patient repositioning in one to two hours. Rychetnik et al. (2012).

The Evidence-Based Solution

In our healthcare facilities, both pressure distribution and repositioning of patients is a common practice. Through repositioning, the patient’s position is changed either by healthcare staff or patients themselves. However, this process must occur within one to two hours intervals to reduce pressure on specific body regions and maintain tissue integrity. Additionally, through repositioning, the blood flow in the affected areas is enhanced.

In contrast, pressure distribution involves the application of special devices, for example, EHOB or air mattress. This method is also effective in increasing blood flow to the body’s affected areas and reducing pain. Therefore, the two approaches help reduce risks on patients. Other examples of pressure distribution devices include; donut pillows, waffle cushions, and overlays mattresses. However, various studies have supported the application of pressure distribution devices while others don’t. Mervis & Phillips (2019).

The Nursing Intervention

For the two approaches to function appropriately, the nurses involved should be educated and conversant with using pressure redistribution devices and patient repositioning. The Pressure ulcers occurrence is reduced relatively through turning the patient within two hours. Additionally, it is vital to educate individuals about nurses’ application of devices that helps relieve pressure and increase blood flow to specific body regions. Therefore, Pressure ulcers are reduced by providing a range of motion to the patient, including moving their legs down or up and appropriately selecting the devices helps promote quality of life to the patient, which is among the aims of nursing practice.

The Patient Cares

It is important to train the staff about patient care to prevent the pressure ulcers. The length of stays in a healthcare facility and healthcare costs can be gradually reduced by applying repositioning and pressure devices for the patients. Additionally, patients’ comfort is improved relatively by using a pressure redistribution mattress that is either changed or sanitized regularly to ensure that they do not increase infection risks to the patient, improving the HealthCare results.

The Healthcare Agency

In nursing homes, AHRQ “agency for healthcare research and quality” is applied as the safety program through continued collaboration with the healthcare departments and facilities in addressing and reducing Pressure ulcers. The agency further gives a toolkit to cater to over two million patients within the critical care units. Their program additionally provides favorable prevention mechanisms through interdisciplinary tactics to provide devices to various facilities. Gefen et al. (2020).

The Nursing Practices

Some of the knowledge and skills gained after attending a nursing school include appropriate care for the patients, showing professionalism following ethical standards, providing emotional support to the ill, and affecting the patient’s family needs. Therefore, the nursing interventions like using pressure devices or repositioning should be enhanced through using precaution methods to promote the patient’s safety. Therefore, nurses should be trained to use proper techniques when transferring patients and using devices based on the current patient’s state. Additionally, Pressure ulcers can be reduced by the promotion of patient’s mental and emotional health. When patients are conscious, they should be sensitized on the importance of turning themselves or calling nurses when it’s time to get turned. Nurses should also be trained and expect to round in order to keep checking on their patients and ensure that needs are appropriately addressed. This will help in reporting injuries or Pressure ulcers complications in advance. Jackson et al. (2019).


In conclusion, the significant aims of nursing practice are promoting patient’s health and reducing the stay in healthcare facilities. For example, pressure ulcers within critical care units can be reduced by using pressure redistribution devices like mattresses or repositioning patients within two hours.


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Mervis, J. S., & Phillips, T. J. (2019). Pressure ulcers: Pathophysiology, epidemiology, risk factors, and presentation. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology81(4), 881- 890. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0190962219300921

Rychetnik, L., Bauman, A., Laws, R., King, L., Rissel, C., Nutbeam, D., … & Caterson, I. (2012). Translating research for evidence-based public health: key concepts and future directions. J Epidemiol Community Health66(12), 1187-1192. https://jech.bmj.com/content/66/12/1187.short

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