Pick a global company that has operations in multiple host nations

Pick a global company that has operations in multiple host nations. Conduct research on various challenges faced by your chosen firm in at least 3 host nations. You can start off by browsing the press releases of your chosen firm from their website (look at the investor section or newsroom). Also check on, FACTIVA, LEXIS-NEXIS, Bloomberg News, & Google for newspaper announcements regarding global events of your firm in the past 6 months to 1 year (i.e. September 2019 onwards).

For your group project work you can consider the following broad types of dilemmas/challenges typically examined by students in various host nations:

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Pick a global company that has operations in multiple host nations
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§  International Expansion by a firm to enter new markets for growth

§  Foreign Direct Investment by a firm to access raw materials/labour for production

§  Global Expansion in response to competitive forces

§  Emerging market MNCs expanding into developed markets with a strategic objective

§  Cross-border M&A to develop/access new capabilities

§  Outsourcing various activities to rationalize costs or enhance productivity

§  Global sourcing for Innovation/R&D

§  MNCs Responding to social, cultural, and or political challenges in host countries

§  MNCs leveraging global presence to stimulate innovation and enhance performance

§  MNCs accessing talent globally in response to competition and or availability of skilled labour

§  Ethical issues/challenges facing MNCs in various foreign nations

A good project will:

§  Clearly and logically apply the course material to the phenomenon being investigated;

§  Present a thorough and rigorous quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of the phenomenon;

§  Draw implications and suggest recommendations for managerial practice;

§  Discuss which insights are generalizable and under what conditions.

Please remember to discuss issues within countries and not continents as continents are composed of several nations which are very different with varying cultures, languages, lifestyles, economies, opportunities, challenges, etc. 

1.       State the executive summary (i.e. what have you done for the project, please see my email on this topic)

2.      State the thesis of your project, i.e. what is your overall finding based on all the foreign market/country entry analysis

3.      Explain the research you have done from the different sources discussed in class (Analyst Reports, Press releases, News articles, Surveys, etc.)

a.      If you have conducted a survey, show the survey and the results (in pie chart form, or graphs, tell us the sample size of respondents from each nation)

4.      For each country explain the issue (s) facing your company

5.      Provide actionable recommendations – here you should also justify why you think this might work – critical thinking and logical reasoning use course concepts to substantiate your recommendations

6.      Discuss any CSR activities of your company, explain if they are PPP compliant and if they are strategic as we have covered in class

7.      Global Innovation & Local Innovation (How much does your firm spend on R&D? What new products/services are being introduced?). Is the R&D activity located in the HQ or dispersed globally?

8.     Final conclusion and suggestion for the firm managers.


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