Physical Activity Essay

Explain the importance of doing aerobic activity, bone strengthening exercises, and muscle strengthening exercises.Explain your recommended physical activity based on your age, sex, etc. How do you compare to your target, assuming you have one? 37/F/ActiveDiscuss the importance of exercising 30 minutes per day. Discuss your goals for improvement and barriers that keep you from achieving your target or overcoming barriers to exercise. Explain the relationship between diet and water consumption with regard to activity.Explain determining a healthy weight.Explain your efforts to ensure energy balance and how you know.Discuss at least 2 specific factors that impact your energy balance and what can or will you do to overcome them. References are required to support the above.Delivery Requirements:Minimum 800 words, with clear introduction, thesis and conclusion.Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point fontBased on data entered into HealthWatch360Engages with scholarly texts to support analysisUses APA style for paper formatting, in-text citations, and references list (no abstract required)

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Physical Activity Essay
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