photography journal

In preparation for the final project we will explore the concept of a personal photographic vision.

Photography offers descriptive possibilities about the visual exploration of interests, curiosities and/or concepts. Working to create visually engaging images encourages interpretive meanings of one’s those very interests.

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photography journal
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TASK Review, study, and look at the work of a minimum of five photographers from the Photographer’s list provided in eCommons. Explore several photographers and choose one to examine in more depth.

JOURNAL ENTRY • Write a one page double spaced response the photographer’s work. • Be specific and choose one body of work, a multiple set of works, or focus on one photograph that will help you better articulate what the photographer’s personal vision might be in the work. • Provide a bibliography.

ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS • Name of the photographer • Title of the project or photograph? • Photographer’s personal vision? • How does the work affect you? • Who is the audience of this work? • What is the purpose of this work? • Is it successful? Who decides?


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