Phase 3 IP has 2 parts

Phase 3 IP has 2 parts:

Part 1: Analyze the following table (see the Word document called “CS352 – IP3”)  and reorganize the table into Boyce-Codd Normal Form, at each step  describing what is needed to move to the next Normal Form and why each  step meets the Normal Form requirements.

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Phase 3 IP has 2 parts
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  • Show unnormalized table given and progression through the normal forms up to Boyce Codd in logical data models.
  • Include  explanation of how each normal form is met as you progress through the  process of breaking down this unnormalized table to tables meeting Boyce  Codd normal form. 

Part 2: In addition, transform your data model (your  EERD created in phase 2 IP) into a logical model, to third normal form.  Describe why each table is in third Normal Form. In your logical data  model identify the primary keys in each table as bolded and underlined and each foreign key as italicized and underlined.

Submission for phase 3 IP includes:

  • Logical Data Model for the supplied table(Part 1) with a  description of how it moved through UNF to 1NF to 2NF to 3NF and Boyce  Codd.
  • Logical Data Model for Part 2 with a description of how each table is in third normal form. 

Add both parts described to the project template section titled “Database Management Systems.”

Name the document CS352_<First and Last Name>_IP2.doc, and submit the document for grading.

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