perspective of the book of Exodus

.From the perspective of the book of Exodus, what was the LORD’s role in the events it portrays? 2.What is the distinction between a suzerainty treaty or covenant and a parity treaty or covenant? 3.Where are the four possible places for the crossing of the Red Sea? 4.Look up covenant in a Bible dictionary and determine its role in Israelite religion. 5What are the major themes of the Pentateuch? 6Why does a careful reading of both Joshua and Judges provide a more balanced view of the conquest? 7.What kind of leaders were the judges? 8.What is meant by saying that the judges were “charismatic leaders”? 9.In light of the story in Genesis 22, how do you interpret Jephthah’s vow that resulted in the sacrifice of his daughter? 10.What set of circumstances finally served to unite the Israelite tribes? 11.In what ways are the birth stories of Samuel (1 Sam.1:1-2:11) and Isaac (Gen. 18:9-11; 21:1-8) similar? 12.Why should Samuel be described as a king maker and a king breaker? 13.What are the two different versions of how Saul and David met? What does this seem to say about the sources used in writing the Deuteronomistic History? 14.Why did David join forces with the Philistines? 15.What were the long-term effects of David’s affair with Bathsheba?

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perspective of the book of Exodus
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