Personality Disorder and Social Phobia

Need help with my writing homework on Personality Disorder and Social Phobia. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Personality disorder and social phobia are prevalent disorders both in clinical settings and general populations. The debate is whether there are differences or similarities between the two disorders.

Drawing from the avoidant personality disorder definition, it is a condition whereby one thinks of herself/himself as flawed, inadequate, and inferior. Individuals with this condition tend to feel that people cannot like them. They are also afraid that others will either ridicule or criticize them. Therefore, the fear of rejection, disapproval, and criticism always makes people with this kind of personality disorder to avoid any form of social interaction, and at times avoid school or work activities, which entail getting into contact /socializing with other people. This makes the affected people miss on social as well as professional networking opportunities, as they enjoy a small social circle. Mostly, people with this kind of disorder interact with only the individuals that they are sure like them. Moreover, this group of people is sensitive to criticism and rejection and avoids trying out new behaviors that might put them at risk of being ridiculed or embarrassed (Bungert et al., 2015).

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Personality Disorder and Social Phobia
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Research Section

Social phobia might look similar to the mentioned personality disorder. However, social phobia is characterized by a fear of drinking, eating, public speaking, and writing for other individuals. It can also be fear of attending parties or addressing authorities or starting conversations. The fear is not only being embarrassed but also others recognizing the fact that they are anxious. When an individual with social phobia find themselves in the situations that they fear, they experience intense anxiety that is linked to various physical symptoms, for example, sweating, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath or hands shaking. In extreme cases, the mentioned symptoms can translate into full-blown panic/attack (Andrasik, 2005).

Consequently, avoidant personality disorder overlaps with other existing personality disorders, for example, dependent personality disorder or schizoid, as well as with anxiety disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder or panic disorder. The overlap between social phobia and avoidant personality disorder has been widely studied (Andrasik, 2005).

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