personal statements.

Information About me

I intend to apply for the Ph.D. Program in Computer Information Systems in Arizona State University Business department for the Fall of 2021

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personal statements.
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I received my MA in Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership & Success.

Academic Background

Undergraduate study: I majored in Computer Information Systems while in Taibah university. I received quality training throughout the course. Additionally, I engaged in beneficial extracurricular activities that aligned with my course. In the end, I was able to graduate with a GPA of 4.10 out of 5. My graduate project, I worked with a team of four people to develop a system using lego MINDSTORM NXT robot and Bluetooth technology. The system detects fire and gas leaks in their early stages. It monitors the temperature and sends alarm messages to the observer in case of risks. For this project we got the third place position in the best project award from over 80 projects at the second preparatory academic conference for higher education in Saudi Arabia 2011.

Graduate Study: I have gained immense knowledge in my studies. I am working on a thesis titled, “genetic variant classification”. I am hoping to apply my extensive expertise in Bioinformatics along with Data Science to come up with an innovative method to classify variations in genetics. My findings will be relevant to the scientific community as they will be able to easily and precisely classify vast amounts of genetic data.

Work Experience

Between August 2019 and May 2020, I performed the duties of a graduate teaching assistant. In those ten months, I taught undergraduate and graduate-level CIS courses: Modern Systems Analysis & Design, C programming, and Strategic Information Systems. I am positive that my students were confident and approved my teaching abilities. This is manifested by their exemplary performance during my teaching tenure.

Plan for Professional Study and my Future Career

As per my earlier statement, I am seeking to further my graduate study at your institution majoring in Computer Information Systems. It is good to note that I am an international student and have a full scholarship to do my Ph.D. that will cover my tuition fees, monthly living expenses, medical insurance, and other additional expenses.

Additional Information:

Even though my parents just have 6th grade, they respect learning. They have high and unlimited expectations of us. My mom always says to me “Learning is the way to success and happiness”. My parents sacrificed a lot to give us the opportunity to get a higher education. Their dreams for us to have a better education for a successful career was our motivation throughout our life. We are four siblings: one is an engineer in one of the biggest companies in KSA and my little brother and sister are in medical school. For me, I chose to complete my education and to extend my knowledge in the research field.

I am hoping that I will advance the field of information systems through developing applicable innovative ideas after graduation.

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