Personal Experience of Comprehendility of the Fragility of Human Life.

Need help with my writing homework on Personal Experience of Comprehendility of the Fragility of Human Life. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

The yummiest pancakes made by my grandmother each morning, long peaceful walks across the farm, fishing at the lake with my grandfather, and going out with my grandfather to his farmhouse was always a delightful experience and I never grew tired of it. On that particular day since I had no plans with my grandfather, I decided to meet up with a friend in the town and go out with him for horse-riding after a long time. I was really excited for the day as I was planning this for a long time but the busy school schedules and routine always became an obstacle.

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Personal Experience of Comprehendility of the Fragility of Human Life.
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I woke up to the smell of the fresh pancakes and maple syrup and hurriedly changed into my clothes that were appropriate for horse-riding. I picked up my iPod which is one of the accessories that I usually kept along with me whenever I went out. I had all my favorite playlists in it and it is one of my most valuable possessions up till today. I went downstairs to the kitchen and kissed my grandmother on the cheek, ate breakfast, and headed out of the home to complete my adventurous trip.The town boasted of natural beauty and fresh greenery and it was one of the things that always attracted me to my grandparent’s hometown.

I put on the earphones and played an upbeat tune to enjoy along with the visual treats of the town. Around two blocks away from the house was a large oak tree that I loved to observe and I always took a moment to enjoy its humongous exquisiteness. It was a really old and gigantic oak tree with thousands of birds nesting in it and assumedly it was one of the highly populated and eventful trees of the town! I stood by the tree, looking at the birds chirping and making noise, flying from one branch to another.

I moved on after a few seconds of idle observation. There was a main road in the center of the town which was the busiest and the most crowded of all the roads. I always found this road packed with cars probably owing to the shops which were present on both sides of the road. I thought about calling up my mother from the phone booth across the road before going to my friend’s house as it was her birthday yesterday and I had completely forgotten to wish her.

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