Personal Diet Analysis Essay

Write a short Personal Diet Analysis Essay (minimum 800 words using objective 3rd person, not 1st person/I), based on the data you entered into Healthwatch360 (My Plan, Food Group and Calories Report) and the assigned resources (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 (opens in a new window), course text, etc), that addresses the following topics: Calorie comparison to that of My Plan and Dietary Guidelines. What’s the importance of caloric information? Food Groups comparison to that of My Plan and the Dietary Guidelines. Do you eat from all food groups daily? Why or why not? What are some reasons to eat from all food groups? Was there any under- or over-consumption? What can/will you do to address this toward healthier food choices, if needed? Explain at least one digestive disorders for which you are at risk.Explain your risk for diabetes and/or heart disease.Explain how/why changes to your food groups and/or calories would help prevent and/or reverse either of these two chronic health issues.References are required to support the above. Delivery Requirements:Minimum 800 words, with clear introduction, thesis and conclusion.Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point fontBased on data entered into HealthWatch360Engages with scholarly texts to support analysisUses APA style for paper formatting, in-text citations, and references list (no abstract required)To access data from Healthwatch360 here is the login info: sengle20@lapu.edupassword:Brielle123Under the “Record” tab you can find the info dates 5/23-5/29Thank you in advance!!

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Personal Diet Analysis Essay
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