Example 1:

Effective Classroom Management

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Student Name

Define the Learning Venue:

Becoming an educator is something that interest me during the first few years after graduating high school. The experience began in the learning venue of a daycare, Donald Duck 45

Daycare in Madison, Mississippi, which is currently closed and has been for over five years. My employment at this location lasted about three to three and a half years. During the day of hire, the daycare director, assigned me to be an assistant teacher for the one-year old class, and after the lead teacher was given a different class, my position moved to the head teacher of the class. After all of those children aged up, and were moved to the next level, my role as the one-year old teacher came to an end as well resulting in being a two-year old teacher. However, my experience increased a few years once becoming an instructor at Brandon Elementary over the fourth-grade students assisting in the after-school program organized by Pilgrims After School Program in Florence, Mississippi.

Learning Principle

At the learning venues, effective classroom management was a lesson learned. While being employed at the daycare, experience was gained through the tasks that was required daily. One experience that was gained is learning how to create an appropriate lesson plan for the required age group, which was a lesson well learned for the children and myself. It helped with increased knowledge for the children through growth and development for the children mentally, physically, and verbally while entertaining them with the fun activities that helped with keeping the classroom under control daily. This experience helped with my communication skills with the children as they gain knowledge and discussions with each parent regarding the children’s day to day routines. While working at the after-school program, patience was skill that was earned due to being an instructor of a group in grade four, which is much needed when dealing with older students. Other tasks that helped me gain experience is being able to assist with the lesson plans for daily activities, along with passing that on to the children to want to be a part of helping others when they struggle, especially with homework.

Application of the Learning Principle Outside the Venue

The application of the principle outside the venue of experience can be learned from going to teacher training and seminars to help with learning new things and to help review what has already been learned. What gave me the needed knowledge is going through those training. Other ways to receive experience could be from taking EDU 221- Child Development and EDU 309- Effective Classroom Management and Learning courses offered at Belhaven University. EDU 221 could help with more experience with child development and growth for young children’s physical abilities, motor skills, social development, and establish a more structural learning experience. EDU 309 will give more experience with controlling a classroom setting while establishing a teacher-student relationship on an educational level. Therefore, creating an understanding of how a classroom should be managed.


The experiences obtained through training allowed me to increase wisdom. God wants us to share the wisdom that we receive with others and whoever does not will lose all knowledge. For example, in Matthew 13:12, Jesus spoke words relating to man being given blessings and if he does not share with others, it will be taken away. This goes to show how God put specific people in positions to teach others from the wisdom they have been taught so that the knowledge can be passed on to someone else in need. When children learn the rules of a proper classroom management they will establish wisdom and how to behave. 47

Example 2:

Principles of Customer Service

Student Name

Learning Venue

Customer service is assisting and providing for others. The explanation of the learning venue where customer service experience was gained is Wilson’s Treasure Hunt in New Orleans, Louisiana and a deli in a convenient store located in Simpson County. During the time after Hurricane Katrina, Wilson’s Treasure Hunt store was damaged in Gulf Port, Louisiana by the storm so they relocated to the Brandon area to while renovations were being done to repair the store and while the company was in the area, they hired staff to work temporarily. My positions were customer assistant and cashier. At the convenient store my positions were somewhat similar, but with added food servicing, therefore, helping me gain customer service experience.

Learning Principle

The description of the learning principle helped me gain experience of customer service. At Wilson’s Treasure Hunt, the knowledge obtained was while working as a cashier and assisting customers when needed. When a customer was having a difficult time finding a certain merchandise, my task was to go out on the floor or in the stock room to locate what the customer needed and to present the proper item asked for. As a cashier, my job was to friendly greet customers, while checking them out in a reasonable amount of time. This experience helped me establish people skills. During my employment at the convenient store in the deli, I learned how to prepare the customer’s orders appropriately in a timely manner to satisfy their needs. This job helped me establish patience and understanding of the preference of each customer’s food request creating a relationship with those that came in the store frequently. The established 48

relationship with those customers coming in on a daily basis allowed me to start preparing their orders through memorization. I learned through these interaction that a smile makes a big difference when dealing with people. I also learned the importance of seeing each individual as a unique individual. Sometime I imagined I was helping my own Mother or Grandmother and it helped me adjust my thoughts and provide better service. Sometimes this was more difficult when the customer was more critical or I was especially tired or frustrated. Working through these experiences has definitely improved my people skills in all areas of my life.

Application of the principle outside the venue of experience.

The way that experience was gained for each place of employment was through training on the job and being assigned to through a training class as well. With the food service experience, each person was given a book to study to take a test to receive recognition of food service certification. The food service book gave lessons on how the food should be kept and when to discard.


For those of us in customer service employment our behavior should always reflect from the energy and words of God. My experiences at Wilson’s Treasure Hunt and what I learned while working there continue to affect my life and how I perceive and treat people. Specifically, I try to take time to slow down and really listen to each person and show them the respect that I would hope would be shown to me in a similar situation. This is the Golden Rule Jesus talked about and the importance of treating others as we would like to be treated.

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