PART ONE: Screenshots of the following 8 (EIGHT) screens

  • In Excel ProPlus 365/Excel 2016-2019, take a screenshot of the Backstage INFO screen, and paste it into the file around Cell A7
    • Paste the screenshot large enough for me to clearly see your work image.Just above the screenshot (Cell A6), caption it, using bold text, with what the screenshot is of.
  • Next, in Excel, take a screenshot of the Backstage PRINT screen, and paste it into your worksheet a couple of lines below your previous screenshot.
    • Paste the screenshot large enough for me to clearly see your work image.Just above this 2nd screenshot, caption it, using bold text, with what the screenshot is of.
  • Then, repeat this process by taking, pasting and captioning a screenshot for each of the following:
    • NOTE: Make any of my requested changes in settings before taking the screenshot!
    • ACCOUNT: Take a screenshot of YOUR Excel Account page, which will show you what version you have of Excel / User info.
    • OPTIONS: General – Default Font Arial, Font Size 14pt, Include this many sheets  – 3
    • PROOFING: Autocorrect / Autocorrect Options / Autoformat AsYou Type -Uncheck the choice for “Internet and network paths for links”
    • SAVE: Save Autorecover – every 5 minutes, check the choice “Don’t how the Backstage. . .”
    • ADVANCED: Display – Show 10 Recent Workbooks,  Show 5 unpinned Recent folders
    • ADVANCED: Quick Access Toolbar – under the Customize Quick AccessToolbar, Add Borders, Fill Color, Font, Font Size, Font Color, Format Painter, AutoSum
  • SAVE your file as you add screenshots to it so your edits/changes will be save

PART 2:  Create a new Excel file, and screenshot the results into THIS existing screenshots file with a caption.

  • Create a NEW Excel file and save it on your computer as MyWorkbook.xlsx.
  • Replicate but PERSONALIZE what you see in the screenshot below:
    • Personalize YOUR name
    • Type the date YOU are working on this workbook
    • Type in the courses YOU are taking this quarter, with proper days, hours, and credits.
    • Add up (yourself) the total number of credits and type that in.
  • Take a screenshot of your finished work, and paste/caption that screenshot below the other 8 screenshots in your introYOURLASTNAME.xlsx file.

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PART ONE: Screenshots of the following 8 (EIGHT) screens
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