Part B Essay, Option 1: What is the significance of Wiglaf’s actions in Beowulf?

Be sure to include ALL pages of this project (including the directions and the assignment) when you send the project to your teacher for grading. Don’t forget to put your name and I.D. number at the top of this page! Project 1 is worth 100 points. It is worth 10 percent of your course grade. For this project, you will choose one option for Part A and one option for Part B. Please review the appendix in this course for more about thesis statements, paragraphs, MLA style, and conventions before you begin this project. The rubrics are provided so you know how you will be graded and what is required. Please look over them as well as reading the comments under each choice. Essays should be 600 words. Complete Part A and Part B of your project in the places indicated in this document (scroll down). Part

A Essay, Option 1: What is the predominant mood in “The Seafarer”? As you prepare ideas for your essay, it might help to consider the following ideas. What are the attitudes and outlook of the speaker’s life? Is “The Seafarer” comforting or depressing or something else? What makes you feel this way? Use specific examples from the poem to support your interpretation of the predominant mood of the poem.

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Part B Essay, Option 1: What is the significance of Wiglaf’s actions in Beowulf?
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Part A Essay, Option 2: What does the sea represent in “The Seafarer”? As you prepare ideas for your essay, think of the sea as an actual character in the story. How does the author describe the sea? What are its characteristics? How does it interact with other aspects of nature and with people? Does it seem to be human? Thinking about these ideas will give you a better understanding of what the sea represents. Express what you believe the sea to be in your essay. Use details from the text to support your thoughts.

Part A will be graded according to the following rubric. Point breakdown is: Thesis Statement: 10 points possible Sentence Fluency: 5 points possible Ideas / Content: 10 points possible Conventions: 5 points possible Organization: 10 points possible Citations: 5 points possible Language and Style: 5 points possible Total points possible: 


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