Part 4 Semester Project

Sample Outline (refer to Sample Matrix) . Note that major points (A,B,C,D) correspond with columns on the Matrix. Thesis: While great advance ments have been made in providing medication to treat childhood obesity , there are better methods that support life -long health. A. Childhood obesity puts children at risk for life -long medical and psychological complications (Kaiser) 1. minor point a. detail b. detail 2. minor point a. detail b. detail B. History of medication use shows both effectiveness and concerns 1. Medication used as early as 1990 ( Yanovski) a. Use of medication seen as a moral failing or evidence of underlying psychopathy b. Drugs withdrawn from the market because of side effects 2. Several of the tested drugs classi fied by U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency a. Potential for abuse and addiction b. Only two medications currently approved for long -term treatment C. major point C (argument) 1. minor point a. detail b. detail 2. minor point a. detail b. detail c. detail Continue this pattern as you develop your essay. Info from first column on the matrix →→→ Info from second column on the matrix →→→

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Part 4 Semester Project
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