Part 1: What Would You Do? Scenario #2


Part 1: What Would You Do? Scenario #2

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Part 1: What Would You Do? Scenario #2
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The purpose of this exercise is to practice thinking critically about privacy-related issues. On page 174 of the textbook, review scenario #2 in the “What Would You Do?” section, and describe how you would handle the situation. Outline your response by using the five-step decision-making process as described in Chapter 1. Use your critical thinking skills, and compose your response in your own words. Your responses to Part 1 should be at least one page in length.

Part 2: Case #2: China’s Great Firewall

The purpose of this exercise is to practice thinking critically about how technology has impacted freedom of speech. On pages 215-216 of the textbook, analyze Case #2. Answer the three critical thinking questions that follow the case. Use your critical thinking skills, and compose your response in your own words. Your response to Part 2 should be at least one page in length. 

You will combine both Part 1 and Part 2 together into one document and submit it for grading in Blackboard. Ensure that you label your responses as Part 1 and Part 2.

Your assignment will be at least two pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. You must use at least your textbook as a source in completing this assignment. All sources used will have proper citations and references formatted in APA style.  

What Would You Do? Use the five-step decision-making process discussed in Chapter 1 to analyze the following situations and recommend a course of action. 1. You are the webmaster for a site that caters to young children. What measures must you take to ensure that your website does not violate the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act? 

2. Your friend is going through a tough time with his current significant other and believes she is cheating on him. He is aware of your technical prowess and has asked you to help him purchase and install a stalking app on her cell phone. What would you say? 

3. You are a recent college graduate with only a year of experience with your employer. You were recently promoted to manager of email services. You are quite surprised to receive a phone call at home on a Saturday from the Chief Financial Officer of the firm asking that you immediately delete all email from all email servers, including the archive and back-up servers, that is older than six months. She states that the reason for her request is that there have been an increasing number of complaints about the slowness of email services. In addition, she says she is concerned about the cost of storing so much email. This does not sound right to you because you recently have taken several measures that have speeded up email services. An alarm goes off when you recall muted conversations in the lunchroom last week about an officer of the company passing along insider trader information to an executive at a hedge fund. What do you say to the Chief Financial Officer? 

4. Your auto insurance company has offered you a 15 percent discount (roughly $200 per year) if you agree to let them install a sophisticated vehicle event data recorder (EDR) in your car. You have read over the terms of the agreement and discover that if you are involved in an accident, you must agree to let the data from the device be collected and analyzed by a third-party accident investigation firm. You must also agree to let findings from this analysis be used in a court of law. What questions would you want answered and what advice might you seek before deciding whether to accept this discount offer? 

5. You are the general manager of a luxury car dealership. You are considering purchasing data from a data broker that collects data of high potential value to your dealership. In addition to providing a list of names, mailing addresses, and email addresses, the data include an approximate estimate of individuals’ annual income based on the zip code in


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