Part 1: Routine and Positive Messages

1.Communication on Etiquette Training Potential customers often visit your production facility before making purchase decisions. You and the people who report to you in the sales department have received extensive training in etiquette issues because you frequently deal with high-profile clients. However, the rest of the workforce has not received such training, and you worry that someone might inadvertently say or do something that would offend one of these potential customers. Write a five paragraph in house email to your general manager explaining why you think who mightcome in contact with customers should receive such training.

 Part 2: Negative and Challenging Messages 

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Part 1: Routine and Positive Messages
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It is often difficult to know if an email message is a letter or memo, if it takes on a different form because it is electronically sent. Tone is important; in a sense, like letters, emails take on a different tone (attitude of writer to reader) depending on the situation of sender and receiver and the type of relationship between them. As writers of messages, we need to consider also the context of in house messaging (within the organization) and out of house messaging (to clients/businesses or service providers outside the organization and to other organizations). 

2. Internal HR Issues 

Imagining that you are a human resources manager, write an email to all those who report to you informing them that late arrivals, long lunches, and overly casual workplace clothes and behavior will no longer be tolerated. Write an email of about 250 words each that would correspond to and address this situation. 

3. External Complaint and Request Imagining that you are a manager of a concert hall, write an email to a service provider who rents equipment and musical instruments complaining that a grand piano was damaged en route to the auditorium. The concert will be held in seven days and you must have a new piano sent. Write an email of about 250 words each that would correspond to and address this situation.


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