parenting issues

I need some assistance with these assignment. parenting issues Thank you in advance for the help! Meredith Small is an anthropologist who is contributing much to the new science of ethnopediatrics and culture. Ethnopediatrics as a discipline wants to promote the child’s physical and emotional health. By studying the intersection of biology and cross-cultural patterns it can promote the child’s best interests. Small analyzes how children are reared in different cultures. She posits that certain biological imperatives for nurturing infants are neglected and changing lifestyles dictate that humans deviate from them to the detriment of our children well being. Parenting styles are greatly affected by the culture in which they live.

Small advocates that babies have historic, innate behaviors that communicate their needs to their parents. These babies expect their parents to understand their cries. However, the evolution of cultural values and changing societal demands have created variations in the way parents respond to their babies’ communication attempts.

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parenting issues
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Smith’s monkeys, in her observation, were clueless with what to do with a new addition to the family. The parents of newborns seem agitated with the infant’s cries. It took another monkey, Rachel, to show them the way.

Rachel was a tamarin monkey who was equipped to care for babies, having been captured as an adult in Colombia and raised in a normal family group. Hence, she was able to model her parenting skills after her own mother as Rachel observed her caring for her younger siblings. Rachel took on the role of foster mother for the newborn babies, and other babies that followed.&nbsp. Through Rachel’s care, those monkeys grew up to become good parents, and even the original tamarin parents eventually learned parenting skills.

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