Overcoming/compensation disability myth

Disability Myths Proposal

One of the disability myths I will be focusing on for my disability paper is overcoming/compensation disability. This myth refers to society’s expectation hold on disabled people as a source of inspiration based on their disability identity. Many books, movies and social media use a disabled people as objects of inspiration, which is what we call inspiration porn. What they are saying disabled people acting like non-disabled people, which perpetuates the myth. This topic is very interesting tome because I have been working with intellectually and physically impaired people. It allows me to know the type and meaning of what inspiration porn means, and how to avoid it using in disabled people.

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Overcoming/compensation disability myth
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The primary source I have chosen to examine my disability project is “Inspiration Man Born without a leg and arm”(Overton 2018). The film focuses on Nick Vujicic who was born without leg and arm due to a rare disorder called tetra-Amelia syndrome in Australia in1982. He faced tremendous obstacles from living without limbs to being bullied at school. Which make him fear his future with no purpose insight without hope, and this feeling of hopelessness and isolation led him to attempt suicide. Every day he worked hard and tried to manage his physical impairment by learning a new skill fro other disabled people. He did a lot of effort to become successful in his life. The focus of the film was to show for audience how he becomes inspirational and successful in his life by overcoming his disabilities, which perpetuates the myth. In this source I will examine how Nick perpetuates and challenge the myth and the reaction of the audience. How media portrayed him and also I will examine the dialog he made.

My critical goal for this paper is to educate readers the misconception of the myth and the effect it has on disabled people and also how the media uses disabled people as source of inspiration. I will clearly show how my primary source perpetuates and challenge the myth.

Some of the questions I would like to address in my paper is: why do disabled people portrayed as inspiration porn in movies, books ,and social media? What effect does it have on disabled people? How can we minimize or avoid it?

The first critical source I will use to support my primary source and thesis is “A Reflection of inspiration: A recuperative call for Emotion in Disability Studies “ written by Wendy L. Chrisman. In this article Chrisman states “ people with disabilities are celebrated for their “ success” at ordinary because they are viewed as tragic figure otherwise” (176). Chris man also states that inspiration is not the problem, but it is the way society perception has about inspiration to disabled people. It should be corrected and modified. The article supports the thesis and perpetuates the myth.

The second critical source I will use to support my claim is” The problem with inspiration porn: Tentative definition and a provisional critique.” Written by Jan Grue. He explores the meaning of the term inspiration porn and the implication it has on cultural ideology, so it will support my claim and perpetuate the myth.

Working thesis: media play great role in portraying disabled people as inspiration porn to satisfy and motivate non-disabled people. Nick was seen as an inspiration man in the film “ Inspiration man born without any arm and legs “ because of he overcomes his disability through hard word work and doing a lot of effort to successful in life. Which support overcoming compensation myth. This portraying disabled people as source of inspiration has both negative and positive effect on disabled people.

Work cite

Chrisman, Wendy L. “A Reflection on Inspiration: A Recuperative Call for Emotion in Disability Studies.” Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies, vol. 5, no. 2, Liverpool University Press, 2011, pp. 173–84, https://doi.org/10.3828/jlcds.2011.14

Grue, Jan. “The Problem with Inspiration Porn: a Tentative Definition and a Provisional Critique.” Disability & Society (2016): n. pag. Web.

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