one page report, single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs

Career exploration and planning is a continuing theme in our curriculum. Please select the best starting point for this assignment, complete appropriate activities, and prepare a one page report, single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs.

  1. What is your experience with the CareerT account system?
  2. If you set up an account describe any benefit you experienced.
  1. For Job Seekers, CareerT provides access to an e-resume review process allowing you to submit a job posting of interest and your resume, receiving a report similar to a screening system

CareerT provides information to an e-resume assessment system that asks for the questions to answer and give a helpful report so that I can make changes. They also ask for getting extra emails related to job openings and events. These are the key services that a job seeker requires during their job hunt.

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one page report, single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs
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  1. If you are not a job seeker, highlight CareerT resources to recommend to others

I would recommend career research tools namely, Steeping blocks, Vault,, and Pathway. Join groups and discussions which will give more opportunity to learn more about the field. Internplus tools Facilitate Assignments & Freelancing, Interactive Internship, and part-time and temporary work. Identify and evaluate corporate activities to report them in the accounting management system, prepare financial statements and records in the proper format.

  1. Explain how our course, Intermediate Accounting I, relates to your academic and career goals, including certifications such as the CPA and graduate degree possibilities.

Among the offers that are provided by CareerT are the “Questions.” Questions are always sending based on the group and the theme of the group for instance, it happened that I joined the Accounting and Finance Community hub and since I am a member of this group, “New Questions” will show up on my home page for any topics that I might be interested in participating. Therefore, I would recommend others to join any group of their choice and the ones in which they are interested in and once they are in the group, they will also be receiving the random “Questions” regarding the topic that they may be interested in participating or learning more about it.

I was misunderstood of the homework for Orientation to Graduate Studies class, but I learned about In Vault regarding accounting firms. In Vault, I analyzed three firms Deloitte, KPMG LLP, and PwC LLP, since they ranked top 2021 in accounting firms. Deloitte, KPMG LLP, and PwC LLP are targeting at how COVID-19 will affect both the US and global economies. I am interested to hear about their plans for COVID-19 in the field that offers diverse services to businesses and individuals.

It is also necessary to know about the business entities that exist in the accounting field. This helps in stating the transactions that are associated with the business and recorded from those of other types of businesses. This requires accounting records for the organization that will be excluding the assets and the liabilities of any other entity. One of the merits for the adoption of the business entity concepts is for the calculation of the financial performance and the financial performance of an entity, moreover, it is also needed whenever an organization is satisfied and when determining the total number of payouts that go to the various types of owners, it also gives the signs about the availability of the assets in the event of a legal judgment. Also, it will be impossible to audit the records of a business for instances when the records have been combined with the other individuals.

The three business statements that govern the businesses include the income statements, balance sheet, and the statements of the cash flows. Whenever the sales in the income statements are recorded, it may increase the assets or decreases the liability and thus will be recorded in the balance sheet thus making the income statement and the balance sheet have relations since they are linked together. In cases of the changes in the balance sheet accounts during the year, it will be an advantage in deriving the numbers in the statements of the cash flows indicating that the three financial statements are intertwined together to form one basis that drives the business and the organization towards one direction.

Financial accounting can help in making a good decision for the managers who are in charge of the business, for instance, since financial accounting entails the recording, summarizing and the reporting of the stream transactions, it will ensure the thriving of the economic activity and a better operation for any company. Similarly, it plays a key role in giving chances to the businesses to keep track and identify their financial transactions over time.

Completion of this report illustrates your goals as they relate to our class, in the framework of career exploration and planning.

Course objectives:

• explain and apply the regulatory, professional, and ethical influences that contribute to the development of accounting standards

• research and prepare financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, including relevant disclosures

• identify and analyze business transactions and their impact on financial statements

Your report should specifically include our course name and may refer to your experience completing a similar assignment in other courses.I have completed Principles of Accounting I & II 0 and Orientation to Graduate Studies courses. I learned these informations from these classes that had same this topic I have typed three essays.

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