oedipus the king

After you have read “Oedipus the King”, write a 300 word response that summarizes the theme of the play and the purpose of the chorus.   In your response, consider the following questions: What is the theme of the play?  What role does the Chorus play in the plot of the play?  What role does the Chorus play in the theme of the play?  What characters are particularly important in developing the theme?  Why?  What quotes show or emphasize the theme? Is the theme the same as the lesson learned by the main character, Oedipus?
Your journal entry should be 300 words long, written in an academic style, in paragraph form. There’s no formatting requirements for journal entries, but be sure you include the names of the play and the author. If you use quotes from the stories, be sure to include page numbers. Do not consult or use outside sources for this assignment. This is a journal entry, so no introduction or conclusion is required. Just be sure you follow the assignment, answer the questions, proofread carefully, use complete sentences, and include details to support your points. 
When you are finished, you must respond to TWO of your classmates with insightful discussion of posts at least 150 words in length.   



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