obgerefell vs. hodeges

You need a minimum of three sources to have a strong analysis; there is no maximum number of sources.DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, CITE WIKIPEDIA OR ANY OPEN SOURCE SITE. Wikipedia and the like are not academic sources since anyone can edit them. See “Should you use Wikipedia… (Links to an external site.)”Paper must be formatted in APA. Use the APA Template I created for this class, if you need assistance with APA. Download APA Template in Word. If you cannot open the Word file, you can still view the template. Download APA Template in PDF.Note that APA requires standard margins (1”) around the paper and uses Times New Roman, font size 12. While you will not lose points for using a different font type, I do not recommend using a font bigger than Times New Roman 12 or wider than 1″ margins. If your paper is on the short end and the font and margins look off (or you hit enter a bunch of times and have a bunch of empty space, etc.), you will lose points since you cannot fulfill the prompt requirements in a very short paper.The paper needs to be 3-4 double-spaced pages (not including title, abstract, and references pages). Papers that are significant above or below will not receive high marks in some rubric categories.Do not email me your paper under any circumstances. To receive a grade and avoid the late penalty (see below), you must properly upload a correct file type (Word or PDF, only).YOU NEED TO SAVE YOUR FILE AS A WORD DOCUMENT, PDF, OR AS RICH TEXT FORMAT (RTF) in order to upload this assignment to Canvas. If you do not, I will not be able to open the file and you will receive a ‘0’ with no chance to resubmit.What to do if you don’t have Microsoft Word: Your paper must be uploaded as a Word or PDF document. If you are using Google Docs, read “How to Save Google Docs as a PDF (Links to an external site.).” If you are using Pages, read “How to Save Documents Created in Pages as a PDF. (Links to an external site.)” You can also use Office 365 for free through your MyCOD account. To do this, visit “Student Resources (Links to an external site.)” and read the section on Office 365.If you have trouble with Office 365, plan ahead and use a computer at the Library (Links to an external site.) or tutoring center (TASC (Links to an external site.)) on campus.Be sure to submit with plenty of time to spare in case you run into issues that could prevent a timely submission. Any paper marked as late by Canvas (coming in at 12:00am, 12:01am, and so on, will lose half the points earned). I agree with making same sex legal

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obgerefell vs. hodeges
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