Nightingale environmental theory

Using nightingale s environmental theory what actions would be taken upon the first assessment.What are the 5 essential components of Nightingale Theort?Priotize the appropriate care plan for Mrs AdMsUse 2 outside sources and textbook. Ursine Theories and Nursing Ractice (4th ed.). Smith and Parker , 2015Case study: Mrs Ada s 68 year old widow referred to case management upon discharge from hospital based on doctors recommendations that she cannot live on her own. Diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure and breast Ca. Paid to 5 days status posy right masectomy. Her apartment located in low income Rea where crime is high. Asses ent of apartment revealed minimal airflow and light. Patients clothing looked as they had not been changed; no food; 3 cats and a small dog; and broken air conditioner Animals considered part of family. Patient complaining of pain and drainage from surgical site.

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Nightingale environmental theory
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