Newspapers : A thing of the past

Good Morning, My name is Mohana Soman and I am going to talk about Newspapers. Initially, when we hear ‘Newspapers’, you envision stuffy politicians on the front page, juicy reports of the latest scandal or even a grisly murder case. That, is what the Newspaper has become. From being the one source of true information being passed around as common knowledge, it has become a kind of daily entertainment. Mum may read about some old actress, while Dad mutters about how the country is down in the dumps.
I think that Newspapers are a thing of the past. They are because: We can simply get all the information and news we need faster and cheaper from the internet than waiting for the newspaper. Plus if we stop printing newspaper we will be able to save a lot more trees which will help us in the fight against global warming. Nowadays sitting and reading the whole newspaper consumes a lot of time which is a waste of precious time, it is better if we just sit on the internet and type what we want and have it in front of us.
Therefore the internet is a better and more popular thing than newspapers. Obviously newspapers are not completely ‘a thing of the past’ because they still provide news for the elderly and those traditionalists, yet it is inevitable that their death will occur due to the technological progression. Purely for convenience, an hourly publication is more accessible than a daily one. In this day and age, people enjoy ‘being in the know’, and they are able to do this by checking for live updates rather than waiting for the newspaper the next day.


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