Need help with my writing homework on Reflection of Engineering Technologies. Write a 2500 word paper answering;

The experiment was about energy and we were briefed by Mr. Valli on what was supposed to be done over the next four weeks. In the start, 6 groups of students were formed each comprising 3 students in total. The first class was in the Auto Cad program which dealt with the way structures are designed over computers. Auto Cad is a very important engineering program. This class provided us with a short overview of the program and the way it is operated. In addition, we learned the use of basic tools in Auto Cad.

One program that I have been eagerly waiting to learn is CAD. I want to learn its use. In the first class, we were taught the basics of AutoCAD that comprised learning the way three main coordinate systems namely polar, relative, and absolute system are used in CAD to draw lines and create basic shapes. It was easy to learn the coordinate system but it takes some time to use the program comfortably. I tried to clarify all doubts in the first lesson in order to grab hold of the basics.This week, we carried on the engineering design with the testing challenge of circuit charger design.

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Need help with my writing homework on Reflection of Engineering Technologies. Write a 2500 word paper answering;
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However, we were required to do some homework and research to really know what the project was about. In this task, we had to carry out three experiments. We carried out research to find out their usability. Our group found this part to be complicated because of the lack of awareness of how something only 6v 240ahm can be created in a way that is useful for the community. We did not know the function of each experiment, and so we asked about that from the facilitator.In the second week, we were required to use the commands of basic lines in the CAD that we had been taught in the first week.

Out instructor also demonstrated some drawing examples using the projector and asked us to copy him. Some of the commands we learned included mirror, move, fillet, and copy. These commands were to be used in the drawings we are asked to draw on CAD.

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