Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of an Urban Issue from a Planning Perspective. Write a 2500 word paper answering;

Sustainable development has been a dream for every government, city, and a global concern as well. This is seen through the measures put in place to help curb the environmental impacts of human activities. This is the assessment of the environmental effects caused to the neighborhood of the project being executed.The coverage of Mr. Franklin’s work on environmental issues is highly broad and not limited to areas of environmental management policing and the various relevant aspects of environmental systems and engineering.

As an environmental scientist, he performs research in conjunction with other colleagues and research institutions in marine science, conservation biology, chemistry, extractive metallurgy, and energy studies. He covers other areas such as waste management, tackles landfill issues, and environmental degradation. This is an area he puts a lot of emphasis on as he assesses and approves the city projects with respect to the standards set by the authorities in relation to environmental degradation and conservation mechanisms (Bergh, 2007).

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Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of an Urban Issue from a Planning Perspective. Write a 2500 word paper answering;
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A further undertaking by Mr. Franklin and his team of experts on the environment established under the city by-laws within the sub-department of the environment is the creation of a more sustainable future by ensuring improved education practices among the residents and the other departmental stakeholders. He currently propels a program dubbed “The Florida Sustainable Schools Initiative.” The context of this program entails a comprehensive investigation of the role played by urban gardening in habitat conservation and provision, development of lifestyle and environmental education programs, and teenage life skills and best environmental conservation plans and practices.

Moreover, he has publications on water recycling, conservation, and sewage treatment. This is books and periodic journals in which he sensitizes the Florid residents on the scarcity of natural resources and thus a personal initiative on formulating the best conservation practices in an inevitable course of purpose for the residents.&nbsp.

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