Need a research paper on what is the meaning of the word history. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, this desire of hers is most evident in her essay, “In History.” In this work, she states that “her history began when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492.” By this, she implies that the discovery of America played a significant role in molding her life and career as a writer. Throughout her essay, however, Kincaid provides subtle hints of her African descent. Thus Kincaid’s work, which is an attempt to trace her history, can be used as the Lens to view my exploratory endeavors into my history.

I view this as an attempt to track my history as the knowledge I gained distorted my original notion that I was from India, but I now believe I came from another country. However, while Kincaid doesn’t succeed as much as she would have liked, in tracking her roots, I have been able to identify my origins back to the town where my real ancestors had lived.Kincaid’s ancestors sailed to America in a ship, whereas parents traveled to the US in an airplane. While Kincaid’s ancestors were forced to leave Africa to serve people in Antigua my parents came to America of their own free will in search of opportunity.

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Need a research paper on what is the meaning of the word history. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Despite our different paths to America, I find myself connected to Kincaid because the common thread of a lack of accurate knowledge about our history runs through the fabric of our present. As for me, my history began in California. at least I am pretty certain it did. However, similar to Kincaid’s history, there is something deeper there, the impact of which I felt only when my family decided to return to India. The major difference between me and Kincaid is that while she re-tracked her history from an alien land to her native land, in my case the process was reversed.

I began looking for my history after returning from abroad to the native land of my parents, yet my family’s origin was not in this land.A long week in school didn’t deter me from waking up early on that Saturday morning. As I headed for the breakfast table my parents were engaged in a heated conversation about the disputed move.

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