Native American Religion.

Need help with my writing homework on Native American Religion. Write a 1250 word paper answering; To begin with, it would be important to provide a definition of a religion. Thus, one might note that religion is a system of beliefs that is spread in a certain community of people who are bound with emotional experiences. features myths and rituals as well as a developed ethical system, having a material expression of religious practice and the notion of sacredness. As one can easily see, this definition relies on several elements that might be found in every religion, differentiating it from any other social institute. There is no doubt that in different cases some elements might be missing or exaggerated. So, religion is an important concept that features a set of elements.

Native American religions should be recognized as religions since they feature all the elements that were mentioned in the previous paragraph. Thus, they have a system of beliefs that is being passed from generation to generation. They are practiced in a defined community of people, often limited to a tribe. People who comprise the tribe are connected through common emotional experiences that allow them to feel united. The religions in question have myths that they use as the basis of their belief system. In addition to that, each of the religions has various rituals that are being practiced by the people who follow this spiritual tradition. Moreover, the latter often affects the lives of the former with the help of various ethical principles, visible in their daily life. Some objects, most often natural ones, are regarded as sacred. Finally, there are different material expressions of religions such as rituals, individual practices. As one can easily see, Native American religions should be viewed as religions since they feature all the elements.

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Native American Religion.
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In spite of the fact that the above-mentioned consideration is quite logical, there are instances when Americans courts refused to recognize Native American religions as such because of the increased role of nature in their practice.

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