National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska ( NPRA) Alaska Range

1 GEOG 1301 RESEARCH PAPER : NATURAL REGIONS OF THE WORLD Each student will compare and contrast the physical geography of a pair of assigned natural region s (such as the Sah ara Desert or the Hi malay as, for example) . The region pairs are listed below th e as signment instructions . This writing assignment is designed to provide students with a more in -de pth understanding of prominent physical geography features in the two assigned region s. Additionally, the assignment will provide a more thorough understanding of the human/nature interaction s, environmental issues, an d interconnected ness of various comp one nts of nature that take place within and around these region s. Due Date: See syllabus schedule . Late Penalty: As stated in syllabus . Format: The paper ne eds to be at least 5 full pages of writing total. It needs to all be turned in as one single essay, in paragraph form complete with introduction and co nclusion paragraphs and a thesis statement . No more than 10% of this assignment should be quoted word -for-word (even if in quotation marks). See Page 3 for the list of questions to answer for the paper. Papers are to be double -spaced, 12 -font (Calibri, Times New Roman , or Garamond ) with 1 -inch margins . No cover page is required . Have your name written at the top of the first page, with a title an d page numbers . The intro paragraph needs to have a specific thesis statement that gives a brief -but -specific overview of your analysis of the material in its entirety ( Tip: Th e thesis is best written AFTER doing all the research and writing in the body of your paper ). The amount of writing on each of your two countries should be roughly equal in length . Any photographs, maps, tables, etc., need to be a ttached at the end of the paper only, and they do not count as par t of the length of the paper . A cover p age will not count towards the paper length. Writing about region s other than the ones assigned to you will result in a 30% reduction of your score. Grammar, Spelling: It is expected that these papers are free of e xcessive grammatical and spelling error s. Sources : Needed: At least 5 academic/scholarly sources . Use MLA , APA, or Chicago Manual of Style which you can Google to find websites with examp les of th ese format s. Scholarly sources include : Journal article s from college library or college libra ry website. Books from researchers (at college library). “Dot -gov” websites. Most encyclopedias Do not use Wikipedia in the paper, as that information will not count as part of the paper . Non -scholarly sources incl ude : News articles, pop culture website s, magazines, or other forms of mass media. In -Text Citations and Bibliography: To avoid plagiarism, all sources MUST be cited in the body of your paper AND listed in a bibliography , otherwise you will receive a score of ZERO for the paper and potenti ally an F for the 2 entire course! Parenthetical citations are to be placed at the end of EACH sentence where you received a specific quote, idea , or a s tatistic from one of your sources . A good rule of thumb is that if you have at least a couple citations i n each paragraph, you will probably not be accused of plagiarizing (unless you often quote word -for -word without quotation marks). However, you will st ill lose points if you do not cite ALL of the sentences which need citations. Examples of in -text paren thetical citations: Assistance: Recommended starting points : – HCC Library’s Geography Page: – Google Scholar – World Factbook from CIA.GOV (an online encyclopedia) – Academic Search Co mplete (journal database) – JSTOR (journ al database) Library Services : HCC librarians have made a special effort to reach out to students, allowing them to communicate with a librarian by em ail, live -chat, Instant Messenger, and phone; to use databases and ebooks from home; to request transfer of books to a campus closer to the student’s home, etc. The link to the Library is provided on every HCC website at the top of each page: Lib line : One of the links at the above lib rary webpage is called Libline. They call it their “lifeline for students” because it provides a way for students to contact librarians and to access o nline databases. See Upswing : Online Tutoring HCC offers 24 -hour access to tutors online. Students can get free tutoring for a variety of subjects . Papers can be submitted for advic e, with an approximate 24 -hour turn -around at https://hccs.upswin 3 Ways to Avoid an Automatic ZERO (and being reported to the Dean) : 1) Use parenthetical citations as needed inside the body of your paper . 2) Include a Bibliography/Works Cited page at the end of your paper . 3) Do not copy multiple paragraphs from other sources without citing. Copying over 20% of your paper directly from another source, especially without providing citations, is an automatic F. For those who turn in their paper on time: Any student s coring below a 50 is allowed to revise the pap er (with a 15 point revision penalty) as long as they had turned in their paper on time an d they show proof that they attended a session with the HCC Writ ing Center . T hey must turn in the revised paper a week b efore t he Final Exam. 3 The parts of th e course paper (also include an intro duction paragraph with a thesis statement ): Be sure to support any of your own opinions with research that you cite in the paper itself. Part 1: Lithosphere – For each region , what is one major geologic feature found there (can include mountains, mountain ranges, desert s, plains, coast s, etc)? Briefly describe these features and how they came to look like how they do today . How have they formed, been shaped over time, etc? – What do y ou see as some pros and cons for h ow are humans using these features (tourism, nature reserve s, sacred land, mining , etc)? In other words, how ha s the human impact been beneficial or harmful to people and the natural environment in the region? Part 2: At mosphere – For each region , descri be the year -round climate found in the majority of the region (climate charts called “climographs” will help with this). If there is a wide variety of climate types in one region , just pick one city and describe its climate. Be sure to include info rm ation about temperature, precipitation, and seasonal changes. – Aside from warmer temperatures, what are two ways long -term climate change has impacted each of your assigned region s (such as changes in weather , season s, wildlife, landforms, people, etc)? W hat is being done about it (either local ef forts or global efforts t o help reduce the impacts )? Part 3 : Hydrosphere – What is one major bod y of water found within, or adjacent to, each of your assigned region s? Brief ly describe them and where they are fou nd within your region s. – What do you see as some pros and co ns for how are humans using these hydrologic features (fishing, boating, shipping, drilling, etc)? Part 4 : Biosphere : – What are the most widespread biomes in your assigned region s? (Chec k a bio me map!) Briefly describe these biomes and where they are fou nd within your region s. – What are a few of the most common species of wildlife (plants or animals) in your assigned region s? – Which species are native to your region s, and which ones came f rom elsewhere (called “exotic” species)? – Wh at are some of the species listed as endangered in each region ? Why are they endangered? Part 5: Putting It All Together / Concluding Paragraphs – All four spheres of phy sical geography are interconn ect ed. For each of the assigned region s, what are two ways that one sphere of physical geography impacts another sphere of physical geography? For example, how does the atmosphere affect the biosphere, or how does the hyd rosphere impact the lithos phe re? Be brief but provide specific examples from your two region s based on your res earch . – W hat do you see as the two most urgent environmental concerns for each of the two region s to address, and why ? Explain your logi c, citing information you resear ched to support your opin ion . What types of programs/efforts exist to improve the se issues (if you wrote about t he prog rams earlier in the pa per , just briefly mention the m again, bu t you do not need to explain about t hem again )? 4 Name Assigned Natural Regions Bailey, Latasha Japanese Alps, Gobi Desert Banks, Heaven Siberia, Sundarbans Benfdela, Adil Himalayas, Ganges River Basin Berongoy, Dave Tibetan Plateau, Mongolian -Manchurian Grassland Brotherton, Sh awn Arabian Desert, Atlas Mountains Crabtrey, Grant Caucasia (Caucasus), Fertile Crescent Garcia, Juan Sahara Desert, Swahili Coast Garcia, Korina Great Lakes (USA), African Great Lakes Garza, Vanessa Ethiopian Highlands, The Serengeti Gomez, Ismael Horn of Africa, Congo Basin Hoggro -Atkins, Keanna The Sahel, The Great Rift Valley Hopkins, Matthew Southern Alps (New Zealand), Tasmania Kekelebo Rivier e, Marie Brooks Range (Alaska), Cascade Mountains Kushwaha, Rajeev Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Kodiak Island Mamdani, Justina National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA), Alaska Range Medina, Jaelon Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountains Monterrosa, Karla Canadian Rockies, Great Plains (USA) Montezuma, Andres Llanos, Altiplano (both reg ions in South America) Osuala, Chidubem Patagonia, T ierra del F uego Ramirez, Alliyah Caatinga, Pantanal (both regions in Brazil) Rodriguez, Amy Brazilian Highlands, Amazon Basin Sanchez, Michael Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands Stevens, Helen a Scandinavian Mountains, Pannonian Steppe White, Veolia Pyrenees, Scottish Highlands Zarwal, I smail Faroe Islands, Svalbard

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National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska ( NPRA) Alaska Range
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