Nanotechnology and water purification

Need help with my writing homework on Nanotechnology and water purification. Write a 3500 word paper answering; It has been proved that contaminated water is the worldwide cause of death and is responsible for different complex diseases to have affected mankind as well as plants and other marine animals. Industries too, are facing major obstacles in the path of advancement, because of this problem.

Water is the elixir of life without which any living creature cannot survive. The problem is that since it is so vital to mankind, human beings are unable to stop using water whether it is for drinking or external uses. There is no substitute for water and all countries ranging from the developed Western countries like the UK, USA or Germany to developing nations like India, Brazil, China and under-developed countries like South America and Africa, are facing this major problem of water pollution. Water is the main element for survival for every living being and so, paradoxically, it is also where bacteria and germs thrive and water becomes the breeding ground for new germs which are capable of killing humans and other animals.

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Nanotechnology and water purification
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The Industrial revolution which made things easier for mankind is also responsible for water pollution. Ironically, it is the increased levels of contaminated water which are also creating havoc for these very industries whose existence in the first place gave rise to water pollution. But, no steps are being taken to curb this menace.

To safeguard itself from the devastating effects of contaminated water, mankind came up with different ways to purify water so that it could be 100percent pure and germ-free. Human beings began by simply boiling water because the process of boiling water sterilizes it so that it becomes germ-free and fit for human consumption. Then they discovered that chlorine and iodine could also be used for purifying water but it was found to be leaving a strange after-taste. At last, they started purifying water by using the process of osmosis and reverse osmosis. (Meyer,&nbsp.

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