Music has been used to imply emotions and suggest feelings for decades

Music has been used to imply emotions and suggest feelings for decades. Likewise, music is used to persuade audiences in various settings. Persuasion in music is a way of reinforcing images and influencing moods and behaviors. Marketing, advertising, several industries, and consumers benefit from persuasion music

The Budweiser Lost Dog Super Bowl Commercial had several suggested emotions. Everyone could relate to this commercial. We have all had emotions related to a lost. We know how it feels to search for something or someone important to you. The love between “mans best friend” is undeniable. Having a missing pet can lead to feelings of desperation, sadness and despair. Music has an impact on the viewers emotional reactions and responses to advertisements. The background music in an advertisement must be attractive for influence. (Austin, Bigne, Marin, Guixeres, and Alcaniz 2021). This commercial spoke right to the viewers in a relatable way.

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Music has been used to imply emotions and suggest feelings for decades
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The song lyrics were smooth, emotional, and calming. The melody went perfect with the situation. The emotions felt changed rather quickly. Human moods, energy levels, emotions, and feelings are altered and impacted by music. (Hansen and Melzner 2014). The music made my emotions shift especially when the dog was dirty, in a box, while in the rain. I was crying real tears by the time the dog was running home after being saved by the horses from a random wolf. The look on the mans face when he was reunited had my bottom lip trembling. This was a memorable and good commercial.

 IN CLOSINGNow you might be wondering why Budweiser spent money on advertising to make us all cry like babies. They want to create the “best buds” emotion. They want you to think about drinking beer when you are happy, looking for lost loved ones, or reunited with missing or runaway pets. Since I do not drink, I got lost in the correlation of tears and beer. Should I feel Budweiser is the only beer needed when pets are missing? Should I keep Budweiser handy incase of a random stray wolf attack? Was the smell of Budweiser the reason the dog found his way home? Does Budweiser make horses protective? Was that the wolf from the “Twilight” series? This was a good commercial full of emotions. It had lost, drama, action, and a happy ending we all love.


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