Movies at theaters preferred than at home

Watching movies in theaters has been the trend since so long which could not be affected by the developments in technology. There are various alternatives for watching movie in the present day situation. Nowadays, most of the families own a DVD player or a VCD player. There are people who even own home theater systems which create an f eel of a theater. One of the main reasons for the audience opting theaters to watch movies is the ambience. Theaters have good facilities with latest technology in entertainment.
People go to movie theaters to see movies, but that is not the whole story. Although the shift has been rather gradual, the movie theater has ceased to be a place for only viewing films. When an audience goes to the cinema, they are often seeking something beyond the movie itself. Nowadays, for instance, while it is very unlikely that a movie theater would use words such as “fully air-conditioned” in its advertising which gives the audience a pleasure in watching movie at theater.
Going to the movies is not merely for enjoying the film, but also for taking pleasure in the facilities beyond just the projection equipment. People go to movie theaters not only to drown themselves in the dream on the screen, but to escape the cold in winter and the heat in summer. While freeing audiences from reality on an imaginary level through incredible stories and spectacular visions, movie theaters also offered them refuge from the natural harshness outside the theater.

Some of the main reasons for why audiences prefer movies at theaters than watching at home in VCRs or DVDs are explained as below:
Most of the movie-goers are desperate to watch their favorite movie at the earliest possible and in most of the countries a new release is available only at theaters. Fans have no option other than going to the theaters on the very first day if its their favorite actor’s movie.
The screen makes the whole difference between watching a movie at theater and at home. The large screen gives a great feel for the viewers. The ambience also is good at most of the theaters which encourages audiences to go to movies at theaters.
People who love to have uninterrupted entertainment prefer theaters which have an excellent facility of uninterrupted play. There is no bothering of the advertisements in middle of the movie.
The digital sound effect that a theater can offer is truly amazing. The DTS system of audio provided by most of the theaters is incomparable. The surround sound system gives the real feel for the audience as if the play is going just around them.
When its time to party, if a large group of friends want to watch a movie together, like colleagues, classmates, large family, the only option they can have is the theaters.
Everyone cannot afford a home theater system. So it is the best idea for those who cannot afford all the facilities like DVDs at home. Theaters offer various classes of tickets so that even the lower middle class and poor can afford a movie.
The extra facilities like fully air conditioned interests the low class audience a lot and comforts the upper class audience.
There is a special type of movies; 3D movies which are to be watched only in the theaters for the 3D feel. This technology cannot be brought home by a normal person
The cost of a movie ticket is very less compared to the cost of a DVD of the movie. Since a library of all the movies is not a appreciable decision, the theaters would be the right choice for movie than at home.
By taking all the factors specified in to account the reason or why people see movie in theaters instead staying home and watching movies or playing movies in VCRs and DVDs is clarified.


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