Moral issues on abortion

After viewing the unit videos, select one or two ideas from the videos and thoughtfully discuss them. 

Roe v Wade in PBS’ Supreme Court – (3:39) 

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Moral issues on abortion
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Fr. Barron comments on Abortion: Shocking Numbers out of New York – (8:09)

Fr. Robert Barron on Abortion and Health Care – (5:45)

Public Turn: Pro-Choice Abortion (2:38)

What is the Jewish view on abortion (7:00)

Islam and Abortion with Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem (13:48)

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights (6:20)

Make sure that you submit two posts: (1) “Main Post” – one post should address the discussion topic. (2) “Response Post” – one post should be a response to another person`s post. Each post needs to be 15 – 20 sentences in length. Also, make sure that you read all or almost all of the posts of your classmates. You are reminded that in your discussion posts you will be expected to show that you are integrating ideas from the assigned unit readings and the other resources provided (articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, and videos) into your posts. Failure to do this will result in a lower discussion grade and a successful discussion post that refers to specific readings and videos will receive a higher discussion grade. Your “Main Post” needs to be submitted by midnight Friday. Your “Response Post” needs to be submitted by midnight on Sunday.


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